Julia Rafflenbeul


Julia Rafflenbeul grew up in Switzerland, the U.S. and Germany. She studied architecture at ETH Zurich and TU Berlin and graduated with a Master's degree in 1999.

After a stint at Annabelle Selldorf's architectural office in New York, Julia moved to London in 2003. Working for a property development company she helped realize one of London's finest private residences in Belgravia. It was there that Julia discovered her passion for Interior Design.

In 2013 she set up her own business as an Interior Designer. Working at Villa Harteneck in Berlin opened doors to the nations finest houses and helped her realize lavish designs.

Current projects include furnishing farmhouses in Tuscany, designing private residences in Berlin and setting-up an office for a start up. 

Julia Rafflenbeul works internationally and lives in Berlin.